For over 15 years Lora Sorg has used her extraordinary intuitive abilities to assist others on the path of personal and spiritual discovery. Her clear guidance and compassionate support have helped hundreds of clients to successfully navigate their lives, achieve greater insight into their experiences, steer a course through even the most confusing or challenging of circumstances, and effectively decipher the profound process of self-transformation.

Lora SorgLora brings to her work a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the spiritual and secular worlds. Her dedicated search for truth has led to a deep inquiry into numerous spiritual traditions and practices over the past 20 years, and she is adept in a variety of healing modalities, ancient and modern, mystical and psychological, energetic and physical. Her commitment to spiritual truth is balanced with material world proficiency: she has an MBA and years of experience as a management consultant, an extensive background in psychology and counseling, and has lived, worked, traveled and studied around the globe.

Her wide-ranging and diverse experiences provide Lora with a fluency in most of the life issues her clients present: relationships, health, family, business, career, finances and, at the core of it all, personal and spiritual growth. She consistently delivers constructive spiritual perspectives and solutions for real world problems, and real world accessibility and understanding in esoteric practices and principles. Her practical, down to earth approach, deeply compassionate and caring manner, irreverent sense of humor, and fierce dedication to truth all combine to create sessions that are both grounded in the real world and mystically transcendent, inordinately helpful and supportive, and, very often, life-changing.