“We are all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

Lora has been described by her clients as counselor, coach, consultant, teacher, healer, psychic, sage and best friend – each of these qualities will normally be encountered in any given session. Sessions can be either in person or over the phone, depending on what is most convenient for the client. Each session is intended to meet the specific needs of the client at that specific time in their life; as such no two sessions are alike. However, a typical session will generally include one or more of the following themes.


Navigating Life


“…the human experience only begins to make deep and profound sense when we begin to consciously participate in the process that we are already a part of.” Andrew Cohen

The day to day questions of life can be so challenging sometimes - even the most mundane decisions can seem complex, even the most clear headed among us can be bewildered by a particular situation. It is true that we each carry all the answers we need within us. But accessing that information can be difficult amidst the noise and distraction of our busy lives, not to mention our own and others’ judgments, fears and belief systems getting in the way.And it is sometimes impossible to see beyond our own current desires and cravings to make the decision that will authentically serve us best in the long run.

Lora has spent years deliberately developing her natural intuitive abilities, learning to quiet the inner chatter and amplify the small still voice inside. This well-honed intuition allows Lora to objectively access clear and direct guidance for her clients on most situations, bringing through clarity and understanding, perspective and direction on how to successfully navigate even the trickiest of circumstances with grace and magnanimity.


Healing and Clearing


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

Often we find ourselves repeating patterns in our lives that we can’t seem to overcome no matter how strong our determination or focus is. These patterns usually stem from unresolved traumas or wounds from earlier events in our lives, and even from past lives. These psychic wounds can create erroneous belief systems, energetic knots of unexpressed emotion, and bundles of fear and anxiety, all of which can negatively shape the external realities of our lives, affecting our physical health, our relationships, our work, and our well-being. The healing, resolution and release of these traumas from our subconscious can do wonders in creating the life we truly want to live.

Lora is able to intuitively perceive these psychic wounds and then guide her clients through their release, using a variety of healing techniques. She has spent many years investigating numerous therapeutic modalities, applying them in the resolution of her own patterns and guiding and assisting many others through the same process. Often our issues stem from layers of patterning that have developed over time; unpeeling the proverbial onion can take dedication and patience, and it is rare to resolve all issues in one healing session. But the process is so worth the effort – as we peel away those layers we literally change our energetic structure, which in turn affects not only the situations we attract into our lives, but how we respond to those situations - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In addition to in-session work, Lora teaches her clients methods they can continue to do on themselves after the session to continue the healing process.


Discovering Purpose


Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.” Oprah Winfrey

There is a unique and individualized purpose that each of us came in to realize; it is our divine right and our spiritual responsibility to discern that purpose and pursue it. Discovering this truth will definitely help to inform our choices in important matters such as career or relationship or family, but it is about so much more than that. The process involves discovering who we came in to be, the lessons we came in to learn, the situations we came in to experience, the evolutionary journey our soul came in to travel. Asking these questions can be exciting and sometimes scary, as the answers may not always fit with our conditioned views of success, and the path from our current situation to the embodiment of our truth may not always seem straightforward. But when we authentically identify the purpose and meaning of our lives we encounter a knowingness, a rightness, and a sense of relief that can be truly amazing and life changing.

Lora has worked with numerous clients in discovering their soul’s purpose, as well as identifying underlying life lessons, karma and past lives. Accessing this truth is incredibly empowering; it provides understanding and context for the framework of your life to date, and informs decisions and choices in consciously moving forward in alignment with your soul’s truth.


Spiritual Seeking


“We don’t know all the reasons that propel us on a spiritual journey, but somehow our life compels us to go. Something in us knows that we are not just here to toil at our work. There is a mysterious pull to remember.” Jack Kornfield

“No mud, no lotus” Anonymous

Reaching our highest potential, fully embodying our deepest truth, fulfilling our soul’s destiny, experiencing oneness with All That Is - these are the goals of the spiritual seeker. But the spiritual path is definitely not for the faint of heart. Overtly tackling that proverbial mountain requires supreme courage, commitment, faith, and discovering that challenging balance between sheer will and total surrender. Of course the journey is ultimately worth it, but along the way we can sometimes become confused, dispirited, lonely and afraid.We know the dark night of the soul has purpose – burning away the dross of the ego is clearly of value as the true nature of the Self emerges. But that dark night can sometimes seem so dark, that mountain can sometimes feel so immense!

While no one can climb the mountain for you, having the support and guidance of a spiritual sherpa, one who knows the pitfalls of the night and has supreme compassion for the journey, can help enormously. Lora is deeply familiar with the spiritual path - through her own challenging journey she has delved into the spiritual core of many different wisdom traditions, and her personal relationship with Spirit has informed and directed those explorations to ever deeper discoveries of truth. Lora has provided perspective, understanding, and direction for many weary seekers over the years; her extensive spiritual experience and deep faith can provide invaluable insight into even the darkest of nights.


Intuition Development


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

Each and every one of us has the innate capacity for intuition, for accessing the subtle yet powerful truth that can (and should) inform and guide us through our relationships, our choices, and our responses to life. While we all have access to this deepest truth, many of us ignore our inner guidance and instead rely on logic and conditioning to navigate life. This is not surprising as intuition is generally not honored or encouraged in our science based culture - linear rationality usually wins out hands down over intuitive knowing. But developing our intuition can provide us with an invaluable resource - an inner guidance system that offers immediate direction in any moment, provides insights into the truth of ourselves and others, leads us on our authentic paths, and affords great insight into the nature of ultimate reality.

Developing intuition can be like building up an atrophied muscle – it takes time and practice and exercise and faith. It also takes courage – the courage to trust and follow your guidance, even when it doesn’t immediately make rational sense. And the courage to change the parts of your life that your intuition may guide you to change, parts that are not serving you, parts that are keeping you from becoming more authentically who you came in to be.

Lora has spent years not only honing her own intuitive abilities, but deeply exploring the nature of intuition - its benefits, its challenges and its purpose. She has successfully taught many others to develop their own inner guidance and encourages all of her clients to do so.


Meditation Practice


“Meditation practice is like piano scales, basketball drills, ballroom dance class. Practice requires discipline; it can be tedious; it is necessary. After you have practiced enough, you become more skilled at the art form itself. You do not practice to become a great scale player or drill champion. You practice to become a musician or athlete. Likewise, one does not practice meditation to become a great meditator. We meditate to wake up and live, to become skilled at the art of living.” Elizabeth Lesser

Better health, improved relationships, increased creativity and clarity, a greater sense of wellbeing – these and more are the incredible benefits of meditation. A sustained meditation practice will definitely support and enhance all aspects of our human existence, but perhaps the most valuable benefit of all is that by getting quiet and going inside we can begin to see the truth of who we really are – remarkable spiritual beings who currently happen to reside within a human body! Realizing this truth alone can give rise to a deeper acceptance and understanding for any human experience, no matter how challenging or painful it may be.

There are so many different methods of meditation: quieting the mind, observing the breath, connecting with guidance, repeating a mantra, visualizing a serene setting, focusing on a certain quality you want to embody (like forgiveness or unconditional love), observing and balancing your energetic body, grounding, clearing, protecting - all of these practices can be useful in our daily lives and on our spiritual journeys. Lora deeply appreciates the incredible value of meditation as a tool for health, growth and connection; her own practice is an integral part of her life. She has successfully taught many others to develop and sustain their own meditation practice, and encourages all of her clients to do so.


Business Consulting


“It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my Intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea. I work with it and rely on it. It's my partner.” Jonas Salk

“Often you have to rely on intuition.” Bill Gates

Using intuition to support business decision making can bring incredible value, insight, clarity and understanding to the process. Whether in strategic development or day to day management decisions, whether in a small one person operation or a large multinational organization, looking outside the rational box for insight and direction can bring about remarkable results. Most successful business leaders admit to using their own intuition on a regular basis. But sometimes it can be difficult to get clarity on an issue, to step back far enough from the problem to access the solution or find the way forward. Whatever the reason, involving an objective outsider in the process can often prove beneficial, to help spark creative thinking, develop vision, gain insight into a problem or simply provide confirmation on a hunch.

Lora has an extensive business background working with many different types of organizations. She holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and has years of work experience, first in banking and then as a management consultant. After officially leaving the business world to focus on a career in counseling, which then evolved into years of extensive spiritual exploration, Lora found herself once again supporting businesses professionals, this time through the overt use of her intuitive abilities. From this stance she has assisted numerous clients with diverse issues in most areas of business. From strategic planning to the nuts and bolts of the back office, from mission development to marketing to human resources to accounting, Lora provides professionals with the intuitive vantage point to more effectively respond to complex business situations, gain invaluable insight into individual stakeholders –customers, employees, coworkers, executives, competitors, partners – and make decisions that, bottom line, achieve desired results.