Thalia Farschian
"I have now worked with Lora for almost 3 years and it has been dramatically life changing both personally and professionally. My relationships with my family, friends, and myself have grown stronger and healthier.

My sessions with her are always inspiring as I walk away with a sense of empowerment. Lora not only helps you understand a situation/challenge, but she also gives you tools to grow from it. The work feels so rewarding and I now look at experiences very differently. I feel I see the world and my place in it more clearly and trust much more.

I recommend Lora to all of my close friends and family. She is an angel in my life and I am forever grateful for the work we have done and continue to do together." Thalia Farschian

Tara Teipel
"It has been a blessing knowing Lora for over 9 years with so many inspired moments of guidance and clarity in both my personal life and in my business. I always know I can trust and rely on her to give me straight answers and solutions to the most difficult questions or life circumstances. There have been many times where I didn't want to hear or accept the truth of her guidance, yet it has consistently proven to be a benefit and acceleration in my path. Her advice in business matters has always been effective and measurable. Lora's heart is full of compassion and love, the delivery of her guidance is clear and right on, and I continually recommend her to my family, friends, co-workers and clients. Thank you Lora for being in my life!" Tara Teipel

Lena Jacome
"My first session with Lora was life-changing. I was awe-struck at her ability in providing spiritual guidance that has enabled me to heal. I definitely feel lighter; as if I’m shedding off old skin. With my desire to grow in my personal life, her insightfulness and caring spirit has provided a safe environment to go deep into those areas, and as a result, I am experiencing positive changes in all facets of my life. She has helped me to shift my views on situations and I am stronger and healthier as a result. I feel extremely blessed having crossed paths with Lora and I highly recommend her." Lena Jacome

Kris Iselin-Bradley
"I always refer my friends and clients to Lora because she is the most accurate channel I have ever encountered. Her readings are clear and spot on! I have known Lora for over 10 years and she has helped me through some of the toughest spots along my journey. Lora is kind, caring and takes her work very seriously while bringing in light and joy. It is such a pleasure to have a comprehensive reading with her because I always come out feeling happy and encouraged. I consider Lora my spiritual mentor in this life." Kris Iselin-Bradley

Katie Mattingly
"I was introduced to Lora by a friend at least 6 years ago when I was going through a very painful personal time. Since then I've had the opportunity through Lora's amazingly brilliant connection with spirit and guides to go deep within myself, do the hard work and understand how significant relationships are vehicles for me to learn the lessons I'm here to learn. I've grown and evolved so much over these years in large part due to Lora and her loving magnificence! She's compassionate with a brilliant link to spirit, enhancing one's ability to embrace, feel and learn! I feel so much deep gratitude for knowing and working with Lora over these years!" Katie Mattingly

Julie Roach
"I came across my notes from my first session with Lora. A warm wave of love & gratitude swept through as I checked off in my head how far I have successfully traveled on my journey. I feel as though my true calling was ment to manifest in the 2nd half of my life. At a time when my confidence isn’t what it used to be, Lora allowed me to find my inner backbone. In my 20’s & 30’s I had no fear or doubt, I took CHANCES. With Lora’s help she guided me back to my warrior strength that was buried under wife & mother roles. It is my time NOW, to shine and create what I was meant to do.

Since 2010, I have cherished each of my sessions with Lora. In person or via phone from across the country, she is intuitive, business savvy, and spot on with her messages from spirit. My company started with a few random yoga workshops to a fully operationally standup paddleboard yoga brand. As I continue on my magical journey, I am confident & completely at ease knowing Lora will be with me along the way." Julie Roach

Dave Lesinsky
"Lora, I truly appreciate the support and precise guidance you have provided me as it has proven to be a huge part of a powerful transition for me. I appreciate the high-vibe-warmth that your presence provides. This strong yet supportive warmth can be felt in your words and seen in your eyes as we discuss life's ups and down and how to grow and flow with them. I appreciate your attention to detail and desire to truly bring forth the higher knowledge in the most exact translation possible. What makes your work special is your ability to lucidly explain what you are perceiving and then more importantly, give me specific guidance to evolve efficiently to greater states of health and happiness. Thank you for your honesty, support, guidance, energy and efforts." Dave Lesinski

Chassie Bell
"Working with Lora is a true gift. She has opened up doors within myself that I didn't' know existed and because of those open doors I now have more peace, direction and love in my life. She has provided guidance in my business, my marriage and my personal life with a loving gentle force that feels like the best hug you have ever received. Lora will forever be a part of my life and I feel honored that the universe brought her to me when it did." Chassie Bell

Steve Bell
"When I first began working with Lora, I was most impressed by the depth and accuracy of her guidance, developed through her education, personal spiritual path and strong intuitive ability. However, the more I work with her the more I am drawn to her warm and loving nature. Working with Lora is like spending time with a great friend, one who leaves me clearer, happier and more directed." Steve Bell



Emma Rillie
“Taking the path to enlightenment and being spiritually present for the journey can be very difficult at times. I began this work a few years ago. My heart was truly skeptical about what I knew was out there but could not see. Lora opened my eyes to the most beautiful way to live and I am so grateful for that and for her. I questioned her often when I first started working with her and she was gracious and kind regardless. My own real conviction for what she does came shortly after meeting Lora when she gave me key information about a future event and she was right on. Apart from her very accurate readings, there is a genuine gift in what Lora does because she works with her clients from the heart. She invests her care and energy into our personal progress on the journey.

Speaking specifically for myself, Lora is always available when I need her; she has compassion in her guidance and care in her readings. Lora has had a relentless hand in how quickly I have developed on this path and her support has been essential to how far I have come. She is my spiritual ambassador and I cannot imagine my journey without her by my side.” – Emma Rillie


Leyda Bruning
“It has been an extraordinary pleasure working with Lora over the past few years. She provides common sense guidance that is deeply meaningful and at the same time pragmatic. I have learned and grown tremendously with the assistance of our sessions. She provides spiritual guidance, but brings that information to develop tangible action steps that promote change, healing and understanding. I have learned much more about myself, and have learned new skills to deal with issues with more awareness. Lora's non-judgmental, loving and supportive nature provides a safe foundation to deal with any issue - it often feels like an oasis in our sometimes chaotic world. Overall, her sessions keep me grounded to view things from a spiritual perspective, which is such a more peaceful path to be on. She is by far one of the most helpful therapists I have worked with, and I highly recommend her services ” Leyda Bruning